A Japanese garden for enjoying Hakata merchant
Origin of the name

“Rakusui” was the pen name of a Hakata merchant, Chikamasa Shimozawazenemon, who contributed to the development of Fukuoka City (Hakata) with his father Naomasa. In 1906, Chikamasa built Sumiyoshi villa in this area. He later set up a tearoom and named it “Rakusuian” (Rakusui’s hermitage). This room was renamed “Rakusuisou” (Rakusui villa) when it was used as a charming inn after the war. In 1995, Fukuoka City rebuilt this villa into a serene circuit style landscape garden and named it “Rakusuien” (Rakusui’s park), echoing the original name. The tearoom was later restored and named “Rakusuian”.


A waterfall with natural stones brings out the graceful landscape. The open space is used for garden tea ceremonies.


Hideyoshi Toyotomi(1536-1598) built walls for shrines, temples and places of commerce as a part of war-damage reconstruction. The clay walls are made with reclaimed burnt rocks and roof tiles from the war, which are called “Hakatabei”.

Tea garden/Suikinkutsu

The tea garden creates an elegant tranquility for a traditional tea ceremony. The evolving beauty of seasonal changes presents a feast for the visitors’ eyes.
If you listen carefully, you can enjoy the pleasant splashing sound of the “Suikinkutsu”(a type of musical Japanese garden ornament) coming from underground.

Japaneses room

The two Japanese rooms with a fire pit in each and adjoining six-tatami room can be arranged as one large room for large tea ceremonies.

Facility Charge
Facility Time Charge
Rakusuian Tea
Ceremony Room
(4.5 tatami)
a.m. ¥3,000
p.m. ¥3,600
(8 tatami)
a.m. ¥2,400
p.m. ¥3,000
(8 tatami)
a.m. ¥1,700
p.m. ¥2,100
Facility Time Charge
(6 tatami)
a.m. ¥1,300
p.m. ¥1,700
Garden Tea
Ceremony Area
All day ¥1,000
Tea Ceremony
Set ¥1,100
One piece ¥50

Paid facilities (such as tea room) can be used by appointment only.
Reservations can be made two months before the date of use.
After confirmation of availability by phone, please fill out the special application form, and send it by FAX to the office. If you cannot send it by FAX, we can also accept the application form by mail.
(Please note that we do not accept reservations by phone.)
You can download PDF File from here (Japanese), or you can get one at the Rakusuien office.
We also can send the application form by FAX.
Please contact us.
TEL & FAX 092-262-6665

  • Hours Open: 9:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Closed: Tuesdays

    (except National Holidays, in which case , closed on the following Wednesday)
    ※Open January 2 and 3. Closed December 29 to January 1.

  • Admission: Adults ¥100 (¥80),Children ¥50 (¥40)

    ※Group must be of 30 or more
    ※Pre-elementary school children and Senior citizens(age 65 or older),residing in Fukuoka City, disabled persons and their caretakers are free with proper identification.

From Hakata Station (12 minutes walk)
From Nishitetsu bus stop “TV Q Mae” (2 minutes walk)
From Nishitetsu bus stop “Hakata Eki Mae-4 Chome” (7 minutes walk)
From “Tenjin Core Mae (7C),” or “Tenjin Daimaru Mae (4A),” or “Tenjin-1 Chome” bus stop: can use \100 bus loop
From Hakata Station “A” bus stop: can use \100 bus loop


Rakusuien Management Office

2-10-7 Sumiyoshi,Hakata-ku,Fukuoka City,Fukuoka 812-0018,JAPAN